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BIGGEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD (Sanger D. Shafer) Moe Bandy -1975 I've never seen so many faces Goin' to so many places at one time This Dallas Fort Worth Airport is so big It blows this country boy's mind She said she'd meet me here at eight We'd have some coffee then get on that morning flight And hurry to El Paso and marry in old Mexico tonight I met her in a tavern about a week ago And right away we made the plans I bought her pretty dresses for the honeymoon Down on the Rio Grande She's a little late for coffee But there's no need to worry 'cause I'll find that girl It's so easy to get lost here in the biggest airport in the world I guess I've walked ten miles Lookin' for that lovin' smile that could never lie Just because she flirts with others That don't mean that she would ever miss this morning flight Now that big jet plane is leaving But my heart keeps on believing that she's still my girl And she's somewhere lost and all alone In the biggest airport in the world I know she's lost and crying In the biggest airport in the world (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2011)


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