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BIG LONG SLIDIN' THING Mamie Thomas / Eddie Kirkland as rec by Dinah Washington 1954 I've been in every bar, Been in every honky-tonk, Been tryin' to find my daddy With that broke down piece o' junk! Ask everyone to help me, Cried, "Help me if you can; you'll lnow my daddy, He's that trombone playin' man! Where is my daddy? Tell me where is my daddy With that big long slidin' thing?". I even ask a man That played a steel guitar; He said that you don't need him To be moved eight to the bar! He brought his amplifier And he hitched it in my plug; He planked it, and he plunked it, But it just wasn't good enough, 'Cause I need my daddy, Need my daddy with that big long slidin' thing! Well, then a knock came at my door, I said, "Mmm, my daddy's back!". I opened up the door And there stood Piano Jack! He said, "I came to do some tinklin' On your piano keys!". I said, "Don't make me nervous, This ain't no time to tease! Just send me my daddy, Send me my daddy with that big long slidin' thing!". Well, the first time he played, I ask him how it was done. He said, "I blow through here, Then I work my fingers and my thumb! I slide it right up, Then I slide it back again And I gdet a lot o' wind, And then I slide it back again!". That is my daddy With that big long sliding thing, oh yeah! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2011)


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