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BIG MABLE MURPHY (Dallas Frazier) Dallas Frazier - 1970 Tennessee Ernie Ford - 1972 Diana Ross - 1974 Sue Thompson - 1975 Kevin Black - 2009 Way back in twenty-nine, somewhere in Coffeeville Was a honky tonk named Big Mable Murphy's She had a sweetheart named Little Melvin And hair would fly between them every night They say Little Melvin got wild on bathtub gin 'Cause it made him grow to almost twice his size He'd try to take over and sass Big Mable And her great big fist would black Little Melvin's eyes Big Mable Murphy, she loved Little Melvin But he never did learn to do just what she said 'Cause poor Little Melvin woke up ev'ry morning With two black eyes and knuckle bumps on his head Then late one rainy night Scarface Mouzziola Came in and started shovin' folks around Big Mable Murphy was back in the kitchen So just for fun he shot Little Melvin down Early next morning down by the river Scarface Mouzziola was found real short of breath They say that Scarface had died from a whoopin' He had two black eyes and knuckle bumps on his head Big Mable Murphy's place raved on until she died And they say sometimes a tear would fill her eye And then she'd whisper, "Lord, I'd give anything If once more I could black Little Melvin's eyes"


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