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BIG MACK June Davis - 1966 Big Mack was a driver of a semi rig from Denver to the coast of Maine And every truck driver and highway man well they all knew big Mack's name He stepped into a diner by the scales where he stopped to weigh Took one look at the waitress there and we all heard him say Pour me a piece of coffee pass me a cup of bread Why you're the sweetest things that I've ever seen and there's a ringing in my head Make my eggs a medium rare over easy with my steak I'm gonna buy you a farm in Texas gal if it takes every sin I make [ piano ] Well she stood there a starin' at Big Mack kind of in a state of shock She told him when he set his orange juice down be careful now it's kinda hot I've already buttered your coffee the toast is in your cup Your french fried soup and scrambled prunes will soon be coming up She took off her apron grabbed her coat down off the rack Took Big Mack's arm and told the boss I'm a quittin' and I won't be back She climbed up in that diesel cab both pipes were a spoutin' smoke Someone said Big Mack just fell and this time it ain't no joke Pour me a piece of coffee...


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