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BIG MAN, THE (Jerry Teifer / Carol Silvers / Gary McFarland) Dee Mullins - 1969 This is the story of a father and a son A strange story of ignorance A story of a man who believed in nothing But himself He was a great big man with a little bitty mind Had a great big mouth, you know the kind He liked to push folks around, make 'em feel real small Made him feel bigger, made him feel tall After church Sunday mornin', some time ago The unbeliever said, "Son, watch me put on a show" He cried, "Listen here, people, better lend me an ear You church goin' fools, the big man's here" "Well now, all of you folks who are sayin' your prayers I'm gonna prove to you now there ain't no one there If you really believe that there's a power that be Let him show himself, let him tangle with me" Then a bolt of lightnin' up and split the sky And everyone knew then that the fool would die Yeah, it struck the ground where the big man stood Struck the ground like they knew it would But when the smoke cleared away from the lightnin's heat The big man still stood there on his feet He shook his fist and he laughed out loud Laughed at the folks who had kneeled and bowed He said, "Look there, son", as he turned around But the boy couldn't hear, for he lay on the ground The bolt of lightnin' had found its mark Struck the boy's body and the big man's heart In the light of day, for all to see The big man dropped to his bended knee And prayed to the heavens, and to his surprise The boy in his arms slowly opened his eyes (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2018)


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