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BIMINI BAY (Words by Gus Kahn, Raymond B. Egan / Music by Richard A. Whiting, 1921) Gad a bouts of now-a-days All spend their winter holidays Way down old Bimini way Men of Wall street big and haughty Grow a trifle gay and naughty Way down on Bimini Bay When men talk honeymooning today They all rave about Bimini Bay they say There is magic in the moon That makes December seem like June Way down old Bimini way Count the stars if you are able In the skies or on a label Way down on Bimini Bay Palm trees waving so friendly at you And each tree that you see looks like two to you Come and spoon with me 'Neath the julep tree Down old Bimini way Hear the cocktails a calling Come to Bimini Bay Sweet orange blossoms await you down yonder Where they say Absint the will make ev'ry loving heart grow fonder There's a shady nook By a sunny brook Where the Green River flows There we'll spend our days And we'll try to raise Tom and Jerries who knows Each night we'll sample our private stock Wind up the cat and put out the clock Oh by Jiminy won't you come with me Down to Biminy Bay There's a rickey tree By the Hennesea Down old Bimini way All the folks are good mixers Down on Bimini Bay You'll love that tropical Island The moon shines bright ev'ry night on that lovely Rock and Rye land Oh by hickory It's so liquory Down on Bimini Bay And of late I've heard Ev'ry wise old bird Will be flying that way You'll find that's where the good lawyers are And how they practice at ev'ry bar Oh by Jiminy how I'd love to be Down on Biminy Bay


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