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BLACK CAT BLUES (Mel Priddle / Ty Smith) Ty Smith - 2002 Well my cat done gone and left me Left me sittin' home all alone Well my cat has gone and left me Decided it was time for him to roam He had the best of everything There was no reason for him to go He had the best of everything But maybe life was just too slow Chorus: Oh the road outside is busy I wonder how he'll survive Yeah, the road outside's so busy He'll have trouble just stayin' alive The woman next door, she fed him So did the man at thirty-three The woman next door done fed him Some day she might do the same for me I went to bed late last night He was layin' out by the door I woke early up this mornin' And he sure wasn't there, there no more Chorus He's never been away from home before Spoken: But now he's gone I said he's never been away from home before And now he's gone, long gone, long gone Chorus x 2


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