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BLACKJACK COUNTY CHAINS Red Lane (m & l) Willie Nelson 1967 Also sung by: Red Lane 1971 Del McCoury Christy Moore Johnny Bush Marty Raybon Ron Atwood I was sittin' beside the road in Blackjack County Not knowing that the sheriff paid a bounty For men like me who didn't have a penny to their names So he locked my leg to thirty-five pounds of Blackjack County chain. And all we had to eat was bread and water And each day we had to build that road a mile and a quarter And a black snake whip would cut our backs when some poor fool complained But we couldn't fight back wearin' 35 pounds of Blackjack County chain. (bridge) And then one night while the sheriff was a sleepin' We all gathered round him slowly creepin' And heaven help me to forget that night in the cold cold rain When we beat him to death with the thirty-five pounds of Blackjack County chain. Now the whip marks have all healed and I am thankful That there's nothing but a scar around my ankle But most of all I'm glad no man will be a slave again To a black snake whip and thirty-five pounds of Blackjack County chain. Blackjack County chain Blackjack County chain (fade) (Transcribed by David Story - August 2013)


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