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BLACKLAND FARMER (Frankie Miller) Sleepy LaBeef Also recorded by : Jimmy Gilmer; Steve Young. When The Lord Made Me He Made A Simple Man Not Much Money Not Much Land He Didn't Make Me No Banker Or Legal Charmer When The Lord Made Me He Made A Blackland Farmer Well My Hands Ain't Smooth My Face Is Rough My Heart Is Warm My Ways Ain't Tough I Guess I'm The Luckiest Man Ever Born 'Cause The Lord Gave Me Health And A Blackland Farm Breaking Up The New Ground Early In The Day I'm Gonna Plant Cotton I'm Gonna Plant Hay I Love To Smell The Sweet Breeze Blowing Through The Corn Lord You Sure Done Me Right By My Blackland Farm I Feel Like I'm Getting Closer To You God Plowing In The Ground Breaking Up The Sod My Mind Is At Ease I Can Do No Harm Lord I Owe It All To You And My Blackland Farm Instrumental


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