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BLACK SHEEP OF THE FAMILY (Dio / Hammond) Rainbow I've got nothing in my head, got a floor for a bed. My future's at the bottom of a teacup I've got half a pair of shoes and no time to lose. I'm wondering when I'm gonna wise up So, fortune, shine your light on me and my nose, Cause I need some security. You get a little bad luck and it grows and it grows. I'm the black sheep of the family. I've got half a pound of rice, a beard full of lice, Political retrogression. I've got a pocket full of dust, and eating is a must If you want to make a good impression. So, fortune shine your light on me and my dog, Cause we need some security. While other folks are living high on the hog. I'm the black sheep of the family. Don't talk to me about society. You got to play by the rules or pay the penalty. Because there's nothing to choose between a handful of blues. Double indemnity. The whole world's wrong and my shadow's getting long. I realize this song don't mean much. I got an ache in my head. I want to go to bed. Tomorrow I don't have to wake up. So, wisdom shine your light on me and my knees. It's true what they say about familiarity. There's nothing good this way, it's true what they say! I'm the black sheep of the family


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