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BLEEDING HEARTED BLUES lovie Austin Bessie Smith rec June 14th 1923 New York also- Alberta Hunter w The Original Memphis Five '23 When you're sad and lonely, Thinkin' about you only, Feelin' disgusted and blue, How your heart is achin', Yes, it's almost breakin', No one to tell your troubles to, That's the time you hang your head and begin to cry. All your friends forsake you, Trouble overtakes you And your good man turns you down. People talk about you, Everybody doubt you And your friends can't be found. Not a soul to ease your pain, You will plead in vain! you've got those bleedin' hearted blues. Say baby, tell me what's on your mind, Pretty papa, tell me what's on your mind, You keep my poor heart achin', I'm worried all the time. I give up every friend that I had, Yes, I give up every friend that I had, I give up my mother, I even give up dear old dad! (Contributed by Peter Akers - July 2008)


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