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BLESSED IS THE RAIN (Tony Romeo) Brooklyn Bridge Blessed is the rain that falls on me As far as that girl can see The earth that I walk upon is heavenly Blessed is the love I bring to her I know what it means to her In the eyes of that girl I'm everything to her But what happens When the statue on the pedestal Comes tumbling to the ground I don't wanna be around To see the sorrow on her face When she thinks I let her down And what happens When she finds the world is real And not the fairyland it seemed That I'm a man who moves and breathes And makes mistakes and not a Superman she dreamed Blessed is the strength she finds in me And the weakness she'll never see I'll go before the image falls apart And blessed is the way I'll always Stay in her heart Oh, blessed is the way I'll always Stay in her heart (Contributed by Greg Smith - February 2006)


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