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BLUE CHAMPAGNE (Frank Ryerson / Grady Watts / Jimmy Eaton) Jimmy Dorsey & His Orch. (vocal Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell) - 1941 Manhattan Transfer - 3 AM Nowhere else to go It's 3 AM and I miss you so Couples are departing soon they'll all be gone Now another day is starting Still I linger on with Blue Champagne Purple shadows and blue champagne With the echoes that still remain I keep a blue rendezvous Bubbles rise Like a fountain before my eyes And they suddenly crystallize To form a vision of you All the plans we started, all the songs we sang Each little dream we knew Seems to overtake me Like a boomerang Blue is the sparkle, gone is the tang It's your refrain, Keeps returning, as I remain With all the memories and blue champagne To toast the dream that was you I'm bluer than blue champagne


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