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BLUE-EYED BLONDE NEXT DOOR, THE (Harry Gifford / Fred E Cliffe / George Formby) as recorded by George Formby August 20th 1939 A lovely blue-eyed blondie has come to live next door, I've seen a lot of her and now I want to see some more! She's not so shy and not too bold, She's young and tender, I've been told, She makes me go all hot and cold, The blue-eyed blonde next door! On washing day she looks divine When hanging you know on the line, She's got more lace on hers than mine, The blue-eyed blonde next door! I'm much more friendly with her Than all the other guys. I go all of a dither When she starts to roll her eyes! She's got a little turned up nose, Each day she's wearing different clothes, But where she gets them no-one knows, The blue-eyed blonde next door! I took her out because she cried, She loved the simple countryside, The cosy nooks filled her with pride, The blue-eyed blonde next door! I found out in those cosy nooks Beside the simple babbling brooks, She's not so simple as she looks, The blue-eyed blonde next door! She hasn't got a brother, Her father lives in France, She never had a mother, She was born round at her aunts! I didn't think she'd fall for me, Till one day she climbed up a tree; She fell and hurt her dignity, The blue-eyed blonde next door! She's learning dancing, and it's true One day the splits she tried to do. She nearly split herself in two, The blue-eyed blonde next door! She's fond of music I am sure, She asked me in to play some more, So I supply the music for The blue-eyed blonde next door! She calls me in there daily To sing and have a chat; She plays me ukelele And she's getting good at that! When mother said, "Where have you been?", I've been to London to see the queen! She said, "I know the queen you mean, The blue-eyed blonde next door!" (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2017)


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