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BLUE MOOD (Jerry Jeff Walker) Jerry Jeff Walker Well I'd already turned the lights out, almost gone to sleep When a little voice inside me asked, are you all you thought you'd be? This late night singing's just like dreaming, More like talking to yourself I don't find many answers, but the music seems to help. It's just a blue mood I'm in, comes every now and then It's the kind that softly knocks you down to your knees But it's gonna pass in time, in a day or two, well, I'll be fine Just tonight those blues got the last ol' laugh on me. I heard they got Suzanna's money, like they stole Fred Neilson's mind Well, I guess that reinforces music's all we've got sometimes, Life's mostly handshakes and divorces, True blue friends that bend and sway While the price of living honestly comes harder every day. Chorus Yeah, I've been recovering from surgery, yea, they took a piece of me, Well, I've been cut much deeper, I always got back on my feet, But with the passing of John Henry, then the loss of Stevie Ray; I see the light of our own time get dimmer every day. Chorus


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