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BLUE SILHOUETTE Jack Val / Dale / Samos as recorded by Chris Connor with Sy Oliver & his Orchestra December 1953 New York Blue silhouette, You in the moonlight, Who in the moonlight Do you see? You seem to be in a dream world, Moonlight does the same to me! Blue silhouette, Dreamer of daydreams, Lend me some gay dreams For tonight! Oh how I yearn for a true love Underneath this pale moonlight! Stranger in the dark, Faith alone can guide you; Call and soon she will hear you, Call and soon she'll be near you! Love will light the sky, She'll be there beside you! Who will it be? It might be me! Blue silhouette, Let's walk together, Birds of a feather, You and I! Just say we met silhouetting, Maybe love won't pass us by, Maybe love won't pass us by! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2018)


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