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BLUES IN BOB MINOR (Robert Wyatt) Robert Wyatt Roger's in the archive looking up casement Martha's in the government digging up the basement Rebel into representative for the voter Shadow backhencher couldn't get a word in Turned up anyway ... issues burning All consuming ... drinks in the cabinet Spent a lot of time just examining the building drinks on the house? you must be joking Corridors of power cuts toy telephone bills Long time no see underneath the floorboard Looking for the roots of the family treetops Toe's in the water but you've only got ten. Fingers in the eel pie poke around tip top Tunnelling a wormhole Eartha Kitty catfish Meadow brown peacock ... pupa-larva-caterpillar Hibernate in winter of our discotheque no End in sight .. more like a spiral ... coil Or curler ... just unwinding ... very slowly Revealing endless disappearing pipelines Genuflecting ... bowing deeply ... it Don't take a weathergirl to see where The wind is blowing ... what the wind is bending Isobars are opening ... sex to midnight Cabinet shuffling homeward bound ... taking A detour ... rendezvous do ... chapel in the valley Of the blown up doll ... that's not Martha Shunting in a siding ... she got homework Up to here Roger's in the footnotes up to his elbones Verse and chapter disinterred Borrowing a bookcase don't come easy The weight of the evidence in parenthesis Beggars tightly furled belief Heads on blockabeater repetition on the line Shell shock supertroopers ... whirl banking oil palm Intercontinental drift ... over the rainbow Over the sea to ska rocker skintone hirsuit missed a link and that's not all That he got missing inna thousand years of Orthotoxic waste disposal ... god proposal Jealous sky ... whatever is a girl to do To break the service in its tried and tested And found wanting state of oh! boy network Stewardship? Little Johnny Aardvark never hurt Nobody ... Martha friend and Roger too Tone down a little ... sotto voce ... some tall order Given that four minutes seems eternity time In the bushed up world of waspish Vsigns A-sides sui-C-side salads of the bad young B-sides What's the point of digging deeper just to lay The ghost of Sala Hal-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub? "Don't give up" the dead man cried "There's more of us than there of you Soon you'll all be on our side ... forever more or Lester Young died ... 'Fat Girl' also ... blowing all the blues Away side ... dust ain't just dust ... trust us like we Live forever ... broken loose from greystone tether Keep on tiptoe through the archive ... we are dead But you are alive ... Martha yes and Roger too Until you let the gringos grind you down" (Contributed by Andy E. - July 2004) AE/ma


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