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BLUES IS ALL I EVER HAD, THE (Bobby Troup) as recorded by Julie London with Russ Garcia & his Orchestra 1957 Some folks are wishing to find the good things, Other folks get mixed up with the bad. Don't ask me what I know 'bout the good things, The blues is all I ever had! To some the earth's a world of friendly faces, For those lucky few I'm awfully glad! My world's been a string of second places, The blues is all I ever had! When I first met him, I thought that maybe He could change this lonely life I led. When he smiles and said "I love you baby!", Silly girl, I believed each word he said! Guess it's time for me to say goodbye now, Didn't mean to leave you feelin' sad. Since he's gone, what is there left to try now? The blues is all I ever had, The blues is all I ever had! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2014)


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