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BLUES, THE MOTHER OF SIN (Billy Eckstine / Sid Kuller) Billy Eckstine with Count Basie & his Orchestra recorded 1959 Blues, you're a lingering shadow, Blues, you get under my skin. You're a vicious refrain, You're a pleasure and pain, Blues, you're the mother of sin! You were born in a dive And weaned on misery, Then you put down some jive And crashed society. You can weaken the strong, Make the righteous do wrong, Blues, you're the mother of sin! When I'm feeling happy, glad, merry, mad, You come along with your troublin' song, Making me lonely, sad as can be. Won't you ever get wise? Try some happier guys! Blues, blues, you're a lingerin' shadow, Blues, can a man never win? You have made people grieve Since old Adam and eve, Blues, you're the mother of sin! Blues, you're the mother of sin... (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2014)


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