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BOBBY (Davis / Porter) Neil Scott - 1961 (Oh, Bobby, oh-oh, Bobby) (Come back to me) A lonely teenage girl was in the hospital She lay there unconscious in her bed The doctors had done all they could Now they could only wait She tossed and turned, but all she ever said (Oh-oh-oh) was "Bobby (Bobby) Oh-oh, Bobby ("Where are you, darling?") Oh, Bobby, come back to me The doctors said she seemed to lack the will to live They said the boy called Bobby must be found But what the doctors didn't know Is they had had a fight Till someone told them Bobby had left town The doctors felt that there was little hope for her But true love had never really died And suddenly when all seemed lost Every prayer came true 'Cause there was Bobby kneeling by her side Oh-oh-oh, Bobby ("I'm here darling") (Oh-oh, Bobby) ("I'll never leave you again") Oh, Bobby, come back to me (Oh, babe, oh-oh-oh, Bobby) Come back to me Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby ...... FADE) (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen & Mel Priddle - February 2006)


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