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BOBBY'S WAKE Eileen M. Quinn Eileen M. Quinn Chorus: Bobby, me love, don't want you to go, But when you do, take comfort and know That I've got it all planned, Right down to the band. On the pomp I will pass, And get drunk on my ---. Too-ra-loo-ra-li - Waitin' for me love to die! Me sweetheart and love quite often does muse, "Why the sober, cold mourning our relatives choose? When I finally do bite it, no grim funeral place; To the nearest good pub I'll want you to race." "To me memory, give cheer, As you hoist a fine beer. With me friends have a party, Eat, drink and be hearty." (Chorus) Now me darlin', me dear, Even though you're still here, I'll be doin' my best To grant your request. So when I bank your pay, I stash a wee bit away, `Cause it'll be takin' some cash To pay for this bash. (Chorus) I've found me a hall, And paid for it all. There're some fiddlers I've found Who've got a fine sound. I've booked tenors to sing, And dancers to fling. The kegs are on ice, And Bushmill's will suffice. (Chorus) Though you've not expired, The caterer's hired. Sure'n you've got a while, But I've guests on speed-dial. Do you like me new dress? Too revealin', I'll guess For the poor Widow Quinn . . . But it goes with me grin. (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars - August 2010)


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