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BO DIDDLEY (Ellas McDaniel) Bo Diddley Also recorded by: The Animals; The Astronauts; The Barbarians; Bill Black Combo; Breast Fed Yak; The Crickets; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Barry Goldberg; Tim Hardin; Ronnie Hawkins; Buddy Holly; Howard & the White Boys; Jean-Paul Sartre Experience; The Juveniles; Stephen King; Cub Koda; Taj Mahal; The Manfreds; The Meters; Sunny Murray Duo; Aaron Neville; Art Neville; New York City; Roy Orbison; Ramshackle Daddies; The Rattles; Jimmie F. Rodgers; Pugh Rogefeldt; The Royal Guardsmen; Bob Seger; The Shadows; The Soldier String Quartet; The Teen Kings; Maureen Tucker; Moe Tucker; James Van Eaton; Bobby Vee; Joey Welz; U.P. Wilson; Link Wray. Bo Diddley bought his baby a diamond ring but that diamond ring don't shine so he better take it to a private eye if that private eye can't see he better not take that ring from me Bo Diddley bought him a nanny goat to make his pretty baby a Sunday coat Bo Diddley caught him a bear cat to make his pretty baby a Sunday hat Mojo, mojo and black cat bone took Bo Diddley away from home Mother ask mojo, where you been up to Bo Diddley's house and back again Bo Diddley, Bo Diddley, have you heard my pretty baby said she wasn't 'fer' it


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