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BOOGIE WOOGIE FIDDLE COUNTRY BLUES Album: Homesick Heroes The Charles Daniels Band Every time I hear a fiddle and it's cookin' just a little Well it makes me want to jump up and run And if he's sawing with some soul boogie woogie rock n' roll Well I know I'm gonna have some fun And when the rosin starts to fly and I'm looking in the eye Like I'm just about to blow a fuse Mama call the doctor 'cause your boy has got The rocking Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues I met a man from Tenessee this is what he said to me He said music is a rhapsody He picked up his violin stuck it underneath his chin And started playing me a symphony I said that ain't the way it's done let me see that fiddle son And I sawed him off a chorus or two He said you'd better call the doctor 'cause I think I've got The rocking Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues Now if you want to play me some fiddle I'll tell you right from the start You'd better play me something lowdown hoedown honking I don't want to hear no funeral march It's got to pick me up and roll me over It's got to make me want to jump up and sing If it ain't buzzing like a beehive, kick it into overdrive Or it don't mean a doggone thing So let me rosin up my bow and I think I can show you The way I like to play this thing Let's put some boogie rythm in it kick it on up to the limit I'm gonna' put some fire on these strings And if you feel your feet start moving to the beat And you feel like you've got ants in your shoes Well you'd better call the doctor 'cause you've probably got The rocking Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues (Contributed by Shay Griffiths - February 2003)


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