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BOOGIE WOOGIE MAN, THE (Saul Chaplin (m) Sammy Cahn (l) ) as recorded by Glen Gray & his Casa Loma Orchestra (lyrics - Pee Wee Hunt) May 24th 1941 Children, here's a story of a new kind o' boogie man, And he doesn't scare you with an eery scream. He's a leader of a solid ghost boogie woogie band, And he makes them play on the beam! Every night when you're asleep, he starts with a rollin' bass, And it's sure to put a nightmare in your dream! When he gets 'em in the groove, they all start to rock the place, 'Cause he makes them play on the beam! No one knows who he is, anybody could be him! Folks who peek take a peek, and they claim they don't see him! So if you hear a piano and there's nobody playin' it, And it's playin' boogie like nobody can, When it hits a rhythm and your feet start obeyin' it, Look out, it's a boogie woogie man! There's a tune that he plays, it's a tune that he made up, And the ghost union card that he carries is paid up! He's really from another world, he's out of this hemisphere, He's been sought by Pilot Vance and Charley Chan. If it's boogie woogie music, he's liable to appear, Look out! It's a boogie woogie man, It's a boogie woogie man, It's a boogie woogie man, It's a boogie woogie man. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - August 2018)


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