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BORN IN A TRUNK (Lyrics & Music : Leonard Gershe) Judy Garland Thank you, thank you very much I can't express it any other way For with this awful trembling in my heart I just can't find another thing to say I'm happy that you liked the show I'm grateful you liked me And I'm sure to you the tribute seemed quite right. But if you knew of all the years Of hopes and dreams and tears You'd know it didn't happen overnight Huh, overnight! I was born in a trunk In the Princess Theatre in Pocatella, Idaho It was during the matinee on Friday And they used a makeup towel for my didee When I first saw the light It was pink and amber Coming from the footlights on the stage When my dad carried me out there to say hello They told me that I stopped the show. So I grew up in a crazy world of dressing rooms And hotel rooms and waiting rooms And rooms behind-the-scenes. And I can't forget the endless rows Of sleepless nights and eatless nights And nights without a nickel in my jeans. But it's all in the game and the way you play it And you've got to play the game you know. When you're born in a trunk at the Princess Theatre in Pocatello, Idaho. At first I just stood and watched from the wings That's all my mom and dad would allow. But as I got older, I got a little bolder And snuck out for their second bow. They kept me in the act because they needed me To milk applause Until one night, they did a crazy thing They left me out there all alone Mama said 'you're on your own!' And Papa shouted 'this is it kid, sing!'


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