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BORN TO LIVE (Ann Mortifee & Michel Legrand) Ann Mortifee We were born to live, not just survive Though the road be long and the river wide Though the seasons change and the willows bend Though some dreams break, some others mend We were born to give and born to take To win and lose and to celebrate We were born to know and born to muse To unfold our hearts, take a chance and choose We were born to love though we feel the thorn When a ship sets sail to return no more Though a door be closed and we feel the pain To chance it all and to love again We were born to reach, to seek what's true To surrender all to make each day new We were born to laugh and born to cry To rejoice and grieve, just be be alive We were born to hope and to know despair And to stand alone when there's no one there We were born to trust and to understand That in every heart there's an outstretched hand We were born to live, to be right and wrong To be false and true, to be weak and strong We were born to live, to break down the walls And to know that life is to taste it all (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - October 2003)


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