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BOUNCE ME BROTHER (WITH A SOLID FOUR) (Don Raye / Hughie Prince) Recorded by: The Andrews Sisters; Will Bradley; Ann Hampton Callaway; Woody Herman & His Orch. Say, what kind VERSE of beat is that? Man, it real- ly spins my hat, doesn't sound like boogie woogie, but it's really got the beat. Sounds to me like it's in four, let me hear it just once more whilst I latch on to that rhythm, 'cause a solid four's my beat. CHORUS Some folks like to hear eight beat rhythm, I don't go for that stuff no more, anytime you really want to send me, bounce me brother with a solid four. Come on in, while the whole place is jumpin', ev'ry body's out on the floor, if you want to keep the rhythm pumpin', bounce me brother with a solid four. The boogie woogie was never like this, we've got a new beat that no one can miss, if boogie woogie sent like I think it did, four to the bar will flip your lid. Move the tables and roll the rug up, shut the windows and lock the door, while I try to dig the "Li'l Brown Jug" up, bounce me brother with a solid four.


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