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BOY ON A DOLPHIN From the film "Boy On A Dolphin" – 1957 Starring: Alan Ladd, Sophia Loren, Clifton Webb… (Lyric by: Paul Francis Webster / Music by: Takis Morakis / Music Adapted by: Hugo W. Friedhofer) (Original Greek Lyric by: J. Fermanoglou) English Performed by: Julie London, Mary Kaye, Harry Belafonte, Nana Mouskouri… Greek Performed by: Sophia Loren, Tonis Maroudas… There's a tale that they tell of a dolphin And a boy made of gold. With the shells and the pearls in the deep, He has lain many years fast asleep; What they tell of the Boy on A Dolphin, Who can say if it's true. Should he rise from the depths of the ocean, Any wish that you wish will come true. You say he's only a statue, And what can a statue achieve. And yet while I'm gazing at you, My heart tells my head to believe. If the boy whom the Gods have enchanted, Should arise from the sea, And the wish of my heart could be granted, I would wish that you loved only me. Greek Lyric: S'agapo, s'agapo, s'agapo. Ti neafto pouto lene agapi Ti reafto-ti neafto-pou krifa tis kardies odigi Pou krifa tis kardies odigi Ki opios toniose toniose to nostalgi Ti neafto pouto lene agapi Ti neafto-ti neafto neafto Gelti darki liakada vrohi Tis jois mas ke telos kiarhi Pote pote kanada stoma Den toure ke den tope akoma Ti neafto pouto lene agapi Ti neafto-ti neafto Pou se kanis nakes to skopo S'agapo, s'agapo, s'agapo.


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