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BRIGHT EYES I LOVE YOU SO (Frank A. Ryan, 1919) I'm wondering if dreams come true, Last night my love, I dreamed of you; I dreamed that I kissed you caressed you and blessed you, you wonder why I love you so, The reason I will tell to you the many charms about you tell me ne'er to doubt you surely you'll be true. A dream, they say is but a dream, When things are not just as they seem, You'll always be near me forever you'll cheer me, my heart cries out each night and day And longs for you when you're away dearie trusting you'll remember that love's burning ember means I love yo so. Your bright eyes are like the sunshine tow'ring from above, The birds, the trees, the perfumed flowers blend your songs of love, It seems the gates of Heav'n are opened with your smiling face, The world's a glow for now you know that's just why I love you so.


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