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BRING BACK THE SUNSHINE AGAIN (Joseph Kendrick Coons, 1920) I never knew why a rosebud fades When the world from the sunlight grows dim I never knew that the dew was tears, Caused by the memries of what might have been; Your smile was the sunshine that gave me life, and your kiss was my heaven so blue My tears are falling and my soul is calling for life to me dear means just you. I tell the stars above ev'ry night above Just to guide you and keep you from tears Night breezes in sympathy sigh too, When ever your lovely vision appears; I've tried hard to teach my heart to forget, but my efforts have been all in vain Still I keep saying and I'm always praying that some day we may meet again. Bring back the beautiful sunshine, the sunshine will bring back the flow'rs Song birds will come at your calling and Paradise will be ours Love like a beggar comes pleading and pleading should not be in vain So won't you come back like the birds in the springtime and bring back the sunshine again.


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