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BROKEN HEARTED CLOWN (Art Noel / Don Pelosi 1936) recorded by - Alice Faye 1936 Joe Loss & his Orchestra (vocal - Chick Henderson) 1937 Ralph Silvester 1937 The Foresters 1965 Bing Crosby Leslie Hutchinson Jack Hylton & his Orchestra Arthur Tracy as recorded by Arthur Tracy 1930's Life is a plaything with you, foolish clown, Whether you are up or whether you are down. You keep us smiling, that's all we know, On with the motley and on with the show! Broken hearted clown, Your tears are falling, The crowd is calling, Everyone loves you so! Broken hearted clown, No use pretending, On you they're depending, Carry on with the show! So smile, smile as you did in days gone by! Laugh clown, laugh though inside we know you cry! (spoken) For life is a game and we all play our part, Rich man, the beggar, the king, we all have our troubles down deep in our hearts, But smile we must and laugh and sing. We are here just, just one day, both you and I, And even the sweetest of flowers are destined to die! So help one another, it's the least to attempt, For sooner or later no-one is exempt! Broken hearted clown, The show is ending, The curtain is down, Broken hearted clown! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - August 2018)


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