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BROKEN HEARTS ANONYMOUS (Jack Clement) as recorded by Johnny Preston with orchestra conducted by Stan Applebaum 1962 If you have a broken heart, If someone's been untrue, If you have no place to turn, Join the always blue! We can tell you're one of us And we have a place for you. We're Broken Hearts Anonymous, We're the always blue! You will meet some others here, Others just like you, And we'll be glad to sympathise 'Cause we're the always blue! Oh, what's the use to try again, You were born to lose! Join the ones who never win, Join the always blue! All for one, each one of us, We'll help you see it through. Join Broken Hearts Anonymous, Join the always blue! If you are a lonely soul, Wondering what to do, Join the club for broken hearts, Join the always blue, We're the always blue! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - August 2018)


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