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BROOMSTREET (Buck Ram / Joseph Myrow / D. Vance) Les Brown & His Orchestra (vocal: Doris Day) - 1941 Here's a story `bout Broom Street And a guy they called Broomstreet When he'd walk along Broom Street Everybody would stop to stare Every night at eight-fifty He'd come by with some nifty With his love he was shifty He had plenty to share An' lots to spare He wears a lot of suits from Carters He looks so gay When he displayed his socks and garters They'd say, "Hey, Hey!" But they're sad along Broom Street Somethin' happened to Broomstreet Gals now call it Gloom Street Since he met this gal, Mame Broom Street's not the same (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - January 2005)


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