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BROSE AND BUTTER (Robbie Burns) Kathryn Tickell and Corrina Hewitt, Eddi Reader, The Gillyflowers etc. Gie my love brose, brose Gie my love brose and butter Aye gie my love brose Yestreen he wanted his supper Jenny was up at the laft Johnny was glad to be at her A wind came oot o’ the west Made all the windows to clatter Gie my love brose A dow is a dainty dish The goose is hollow within The sight would make you blush But aw the fun is to finishing Gie my love brose My daddie sent me to the mill To pull my minnie some heather And drive it intae yur fill Yur welcome tae the leather Gie my love brose A mouse is a merry wee beast The moodiewark wants the een And oh for a touch o the thing I had in my nieve yestreen oh Gie my love brose The lark she loves the grass The hen she loves the stubble And hey for the gardner lad Tae gully away wi’ his dibble Gie my love brose (Contributed by =Ae= - February 2014)


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