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BUFFALO SKINNERS (Traditional) Roger McGuinn 'Twas in the town of Jacksburo, in the year of '73 That a man by the name of Kreggo come walking up to me Saying how you doing young feller and would you like to go To spend the summer pleasantly on the range of the buffalo Me being out of employment, to Kreggo I did say This summer on the buffalo range depends upon the pay For if you pay good wages, transportation to and fro' It's likely I go with you to the range of the buffalo Yes I will pay good wages, and transportation too If you'll agree to work for me until the season's through But if you do get homesick and you try to run away You'll starve to death on the buffalo range, and also lose your pay With all this fancy talking he set up quite a plan Some ten or twelve in number, all able bodied men Our trip it was a pleasant one as we hit the westward road Until we reached Las Cruces in old New Mexico Well then our pleasures ended and our troubles they begun When lightning struck the wagon boys and made the buffalo run A thousand head a-breathin' fire, stampeding they did go And outlaws waiting to pick us off from the hills of Mexico Well the working season ended but the drover would not pay He said 'you boys been extravagant , your all in debt to me' But the cowboys never heard such a thing as a bankrupt drover-o So they left his bones to bleach in the hills of Mexico Across the Rio Grande my boys and homeward we are bound No one on this buffalo range will ever more be found Go home to your wives and sweethearts, tell others not to go To spend the summer pleasantly on the range of the buffalo


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