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BUGS (Bobbie Gentry) Bobbie Gentry Pollywog in your water Tadpole in the moonshine vat Big daddy longlegs climbin’ up on the screen you better watch you’re gonna squash him flat Boll weevils in your cotton Dirt dauber’s busy building a nest The red wasp gonna swoop down and getcha child They won’t give you a minute’s rest Bugs, everywhere you look there’s another kind of bug It makes you wanna get a club and clout em. Everybody’s talking bout those worrisome bugs But ain’t nobody doin’ nothing about em Shooin’ the flies away from the table Or hiding under the quilting bed. The chiggers runnin’ wild in the blackberry bush Yellow jackets swarming round your head They’re comin’ to get your watermelon Black ants marchin’ in a long line They’re lurkin’ in the leaves of the strawberry patch And climbin up the tomato vine. Bugs, Everywhere you look there’s another kind of bug But if you live in the Delta you got em. Here’s a real fine way to pass the time of day You roll you up a newspaper and swat em. (Contributed by Phillip Picciotti - December 2003)


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