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BURNIN' BUSH Earth, Wind & Fire What does it take to show an illustration Of the hurt and the pain of a nation. One glowing look upon a ragged canvas Tells the story of our past and present situation That old bush just keeps on burning Nobody seems to show they're learning That old bush just keeps on burning. I wonder will we ever feel the flame. Our way of life on total exhibition Shows the way in which we live of an Imperfect nation. This tree of life so far from perfeciton Share a little love to improve our situation. That old bush just keeps on burning Share the hope for future learning I wonder will we ever feel the flame Flow of light could really stand a listen Bring the dark to the light, show us What we've been missing. Not many men are satisfied Without no light, there ain't no pride There's gonna come a time, Things that are on your mind. Trust and you will find Everything in your mind True love is here to find Simple as number 9 Multiply you will find Peace and love all the time (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - November 2002)


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