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BUT I WON'T (Paul Evans / Paul Parnes) Jim Ed Brown - 1970 Out of words to say I turned and walked away Told her not to worry I'd be back another day But I won't When she sees we're through I know what she'll do She'll learn to forget me And she'll find somebody new But I won't I've loved some, but she was my only lover I pray I don't hurt her too much My heart is true, but my mind is a rover And I can't help this longing For another woman's touch Mmmmm, time will help erase The tears from her sweet face If I do the thing I should And clear out of this place But I won't Mmmmm, no use foolin', I won't (Whistling) But I won't Mmmmm, no I won't (Whistling...........FADE) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2011)


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