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C & A BLUES (Big Bill Broonzy) Big Bill Broonzy & Louie Lasky - 1935 It's a little train leavin' outta here, they call the C 'n' A Why do take me home baby, I'm goin' home to stay because I'm leavin' in the mornin', Lord on that C 'n' A Yes I'm goin' back to St Louis, I'm goin' back to stay My baby got unlucky, she left from home What she gonna come back and say when she find her daddy gone Because... My woman walks around, her mouth poked out She won't tell nobody, what it's all about Because... Now pack up all my clothes, shove 'em to your door I'm leavin' this mornin' mama, I won't be back no more Because... Now the C's for Chicago, A for Arkan' Why I done leave you baby 'cause I'm tired of takin' your doggin' Now baby I'm ...


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