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CALDONIA [What Makes Your Big Head So Hard?] (Eng lyrics) Fleecie Moore 1945 (wr by Louis Jordan but copyright reg in his wife's name!) Louis Jordan & his Tympany Five rec 1945 also rec by - Eduardo Almani & his Orch '45 Woody Herman's First Herd '45 Chuck Willis '45 Bill Haley & his Comets '59 Sugar Chile Robinson Walkin' with my baby, she's got great big feet, She long lean and lanky and ain't had nothin' to eat! But she's my baby and I love her just the same, Crazy about that woman 'cause Caldonia is her name. Caldonia! Caldonia! What makes your big head so hard? Huh! I love you, love you just the same, I'll always love you baby 'cause Caldonia is your name. You know, My momma told me to leave Caldi]onia alone; That's what she told me, no kiddin'! That's what she said! She says, "Son, keep away from that woman,she ain't no good, don't bother with her!". But momma didn't know what Caldonia was puttin' down! So I'm goin' down to Caldonia's house, and ask her just one more time! Caldonia! Caldonia! What makes your big head so hard? Now! (Contributed by Peter Akers - September 2009)


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