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CALIFORNIA (Cliff Friend / Con Conrad, 1922) California let me speak my mind I've been waiting for a long long time I've got a sneaky feeling I'll be stealing To your bright and sunny clime Is it any wonder that I'm glad You're the only home I've ever had Since I'm away both night and day You're in this heart of mine California when the days are blue That's the time I always think of you I miss the golden land of sunshine and the many happy friends I knew Every moment how I long to be in your land of hospitality "Your native son has only one place in his heart so true" My California Hear your lonesome boy calling Honest I ain't a stalling I want to come home just hear me crying I'm really crying Nighttime finds me just like a willow Weeping there on my pillow So lonesome and blue Yes longing for you Oh dear let the birdies sing It's orange blossom time I'll cheer 'cause I've got the ring And I hear those wedding chimes Just let me warn ya Tell my sweetie in California My love is growing I'll soon be going California bound.


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