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CALIFORN-I-AY (Jerome Kern / Yip Harburg) Deanna Durbin 1944 As sung in Can't Help Singing 1944 by Durbin, Paige and Chorus Jerome Kern Musical CALIFORN-I-AY is one of several waltzes Kern wrote Director: Frank Ryan Leads: Deanna Durbin/Robert Paige/Akim Tamiroff Deanna Durbin's only Technicolor film of the 21 she made. There are poets who sing Of that mythical kingdom of Arcane (?) But alack and unfortunately They're not up to the times. For there isn't a thing In that second-hand kingdom of Arcane (?) That compares to the sun or the sea Of that gold spangled coast Pardon us if we boast When we toast. Californ-i-ay Where each plum and each prune Is as big as the moon Californ-i-ay Where the simpler kind fails if I may (?) There are gals to attract us There's hole in the cactus Of yesterday And we found Californ-i-ay For without it there's no USA. Robert Paige: In this new Eldorado There's free avocado For everyone. Durbin: And there's none that weighs under a ton In this fabulous clime. Chorus We have luscious persimmon And they know our women (?) Who never run When there's work Or romance to be done So we say to each friend Who may seek journey's end We commend Californ-i-ay Where the rain doesn't rain It just drizzles champagne Californ-i-ay Where romance is the theme of the day. Robert Paige: >From San Pedro to Fresno No maiden there says no And love is mine. Durbin: For in gay Californ-i-ay Everything's more tremendous, titanic, stupendous The climate is better, the ocean is wetter The mountains are higher The deserts are drier The hills have more splendor The girls have more gender Californ-i-ay For without it there's no USA. (Transcribed by David Story - June 2013)


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