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CALL ME DARLING Mart Fryberg / Rolf Marbot Bert Reisfeld / Dorothy Dick (Eng l) Ella Fitzgerald w Nelson Riddle & his Orch rec Nov 15th 1961 Hollywood also- Russ Columbo '31 Ben Selvin & his Orch '31 Ella Fitzgerald w Frank DeVol & his Orch '64 Ernestine Anderson Donna Douglas Arthur Tracy Call me darlin', call me sweetheart, call me dear, Thrill me , darlin', with words I want to hear. In your dark eyes so smilin', a promise I see, But your two lips won't say you care for me. Oh my darlin', if my daydreams would come true, You would meet me at a secret rendezvous, And I'd find the paradise that lies deep in your eyes; Call me darlin', call me sweetheart, call me dear. (Contributed by Peter Akers - September 2008)


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