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CANADIAN CAPERS (CUTTIN' CAPERS) (Guy Chandler / Bert White / Henry Cohen / - - New lyrics added in 1949 by Harry Warren & Ralph Blane) Paul Whiteman & His Orch. (Instr.) - 1921 Claude Hopkins & His Orch. - 1933 Lew Stone & The Monseigneur Band - 1934 Tommy Dorsey & His Orch. - 1937 Harry Roy & His Orch. - 1937 Doris Day (Feat. in the film "My Dream Is Yours") - 1949 Also recorded by: Victor Sylvester & Orch; Ted Weems & Orch; The King Sisters; Pam Munter; Janet Seidel; Frankie Carle; Jack Fina: ..... and others. I heard you call for an all-star band It's something new for the music stand It's on the way, but before we start A-cuttin' capers around your heart You're gonna cheer when you hear this band There's never been a better crew And when you hear the drummer Lawdy, how the joint'll hum A-cuttin' capers just for you You'll never pick about or pick a quarr'l With Mister Krupa or with Frankie Carle You'll never dig a list of bigger names A-cuttin' capers with Harry James. With Benny Goodman and his clarinet And Tommy Dorsey's in it, too Alvino Rey will star A walkin' talkin' steel guitar A-cuttin' capers just for you Listen to that tenor saxophone Never heard it played with such a tone And when you get that lic'rish stick Out in the woodshed, son Why it's Papa Benny Goodman And he's showin' ya quick How the proper lic'rish stickin's done (Too-root-dah-roo-ta-doo-doo) Listen to that fiddle player slap, slap, slap Boy, he plays it, he really lays it, in your lap, lap, lap Say, I'll bet before they're through You'll be cu-u-u-u-u-u-tin' capers, too (Doo-doo-doo-doo-roo-doo) (Instrumental Break) (Do-rah-do) (Instrumental Break) Cuttin' capers 'cause I'm out with you Nothin' else that I'm about to do My heart begins to flutter like a dove I even stutter (Guess it's love) I'm cuttin' capers so you'll notice me When we're together, can't you see I'm only blowin' off A-talkin' big, a-showin' off A-cuttin capers 'cause it's true Dee-dah-dee-dah-ooh-ooh-ooh Baby, I'm in love (Baby I'm in love) Baby, I'm in love with (Baby, I'm in love with) Baby, I'm in love with you! (Contributed by Bill Huntley - January 2005)


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