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CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOU Eddy Grant Just sit down in the back row If you wanna play in my game. Guess you won't have to worry 'cause all films look the same. Just put your arms around me And I'll make you sing out of tune. Won't nobody watch you 'cause we're lovers in the same room. Oh wah a one two three Put your sweet lips closer to me. This is not F One two three And this is n8t back row anymore. I can't get enough of you Can't get enough love Can't get enough of you I can't get enough of your love. Can't get enough of you . . . Sit yourself beside me now And imagine that we're one and not two. I don't wanna shock you But Baby I'm in love with you. Sit yourself beside me now. You better close your pretty eyes when I say: Oh wah a one two three . . Oh just one knock on my door Baby. And when your people ask you At home if you enjoyed the show Did you like Clark Gable - Say "l think so but I don't know". Oh say you saw a sweet guy Oh can't remember his name - And the way that he kissed was Like Clark Gable the same. Oh wah a one two three . .


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