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CAN'T STAND TO SEE YOU GO (Jimmy Reed) Jimmy Reed - 1956 Also recorded by : Rockin' Dave Allen; Barry Goldberg; Arthur Williams. (Ha, ha, ha, ha) Pick me up in the mo' nin' Honey, just to let me know, oh Baby, girl in the evenin' Way upon the fifteen floor Girl, you know I love you an' I Can't stand to see ya go Remember on the first day I met you Remember ev'rything you said Oh, baby, told me you love me That went ta my head Oh you know I love you and I Can't stand to see you go I backed up, to the window I looked down on the ground Oh baby, don't say you're leavin' If you do I'm gonna jump down Oh I know I love you An' I can't stand to see you go Hurry baby, if ya leavin' Call me on the phone, woo Oh baby, ooh I'm waitin' I'm livin' here all alone Girl you know I love you and I Can't stand to see you go


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