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CAN YOU HEAR WHAT I'M SAYING Toto The world is precious, a gift to you and me I suggest we treat her right, with love and dignity Everybody's looking for some peace of mind If you seek the truth then you will surely find Everybody wants to have global peace Whilst the press of a button can shake the world to its knees (Chorus:) Can you hear what I'm saying, can you hear what I'm saying Those who say might is right, I beg to disagree I say we all unite and redirect our destiny Everybody's looking for a quick solution Our longs are choking from breating in air polution I say put down your guns and stop the revolution And say this time we make a restitution (Repeat chorus) (Repeat chorus two times) Can you hear me now, I am calling right out for you (Can you hear me calling out to you, can you hear me calling out to you) There's so much starvation, so much say untruth So much prejudice, there's so much liquidation - oh how long, how long Can you hear what I'm saying Africa, America, Eurasia, Latin Africa


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