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CAPTURE OF ALBERT JOHNSON Wilf Carter Wilf Carter T'was up in that far north country Lived a trapper thought insane Two of his redskin neighbors To the police sent a complaint Two redcoats of the mounties Who are known for their fame Went north to find the trouble That the trapper was put to blame They journyed out to his cabin No harm was meant you know But the trapper with his six gun He laid a mounty low It was then that the trouble started And as this story goes forth It was the greatest manhunt In the history of the north For weeks and weeks they trailed him Through the snow and the bitter cold The hardships that they endured We folks will never know Once when they had him surrounded While trailing him through the snow He back tracked on his trailers This man they thought insane Down deep in the snow for shelter With bullets flying low He aimed another deadly shot Laid another mountie low The rest of them heard the shooting And quickly joined the lead And under a hail of bullets His riddled body lay dead Now the greatest of the manhunts are ended In the history of that Northern land But we'll give credit to the mounties They always get their man (Contributed by Corey Walker - November 2007)


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