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CARLENE New Monkees Carlene your eyes have told me all that I need to know. I din't need a new friend just to tell me so oh no . Carlene your lips remind me that I'm falling again. And in the game of love I never can win. Carlene your words are a prison but I don't want out. Every time I go to walk out that door. I find myself coming back for more. Chorus: Carlene girl what you do to me Carlene I really love you babe. Carlene oh you cut right through me Carlene Carlene my senses tell me I can't leave you alone. This is the geatest love I think I've ever known. Every night Carlene a fire's burning down inside of me. A meltdown reaction of the third degree. Carlene your words they tempt me but I want it that way. Every time I walk out the door I find myself coming back for more. Repeat chorus Carlene your words are a prison... Oh I wonder if I'll ever get enough of you Repeat chorus (Contributed by - February 2007)


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