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CAROUSEL IN THE PARK (Music: Sigmund Romberg / Lyrics: Dorothy Fields) Deanna Durbin 1948 >From the Broadway Show "Up In Central Park" (1946) Maureen Cannon (Broadway Production) - 1946 Deanna Durbin & Dick Haymes (Film Soundtrack) - 1948 HAYMES: The stately old trees Waltz around in the breeze Near the small carousel in the park DURBIN: The children and nurses Quite empty their purses HAYMES: Ride to the music DURBIN: And sack all the verses (Sic) DURBIN: It's simply enchanting To see grandma panting Sedately atop a white horse BOTH: But children and grandma go home when it's dark HAYMES: And then every lover is free to discover BOTH: The small carousel in the park In the park In the park (Transcribed by David Story & Mel Priddle - June 2013) (Transcribed by David Story - June 2013)


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